• Rideforfuel 2019

    South Coast Dreaming

    10th - 13th October 2019

  • Rideforfuel 2019

    Snowy Mountain Higher

    7th - 10th December 2019


In 2019 we’re mixing things up a little with a slightly shorter 4 day ride in October and for the first time, a 4 day off-road ride in December. As a rider, you have the option of choosing one ride or taking on both adventures.

With two routes to choose from this years Ride for Fuel should suit most avid cyclists. Time to lock in your leave and get training!





We climb the hills and descend the valleys

so they don't have to

It’s hard to imagine the crippling fear that comes with an emergency in a remote community. Seeing a loved one become dangerously sick, or undergo a severe trauma, and knowing that a hospital is a day’s walk away, is not something we’ll probably ever experience. But for many of the communities that MAF serves, this is a regular occurrence.

The MAF plane turns a day’s walk through harsh jungle into just minutes,
saving thousands of lives every year.

Meet Elizita.

Just 23 year’s old, Elizita was expeciting her first child – in fact, she was expecting twins! But late in the pregnancy, serious complications arose.

She lives in a very remote village called Suai in Timor-Leste. For her to get to the hospital would have taken 9 hours. She simply would not have survived. 

An MAF plane and the fuel in it saved Elizita and her two precious boys.

That is why these cyclists are doing this ride. They’re raising money so that we can hear more stories just like this.

Every $50 raised through Rideforfuel puts us in the air for 20 minutes. Enough time to save a life.